Welcome to the skrekk$hop!

Here you'll find some of our projects for sale. ACTUALLY, NOT ANY MORE YOU DON'T.
Anyway, here's number one:

The "make-things-look-small" 20:1 EUR cent

(Now only available for DIY-ing)

Sold out

We have decided not to make any more of these coins. BUT! If you're keen on making one yourself you can now download the .stl file we used in the CNC mill for free! Here's a howto page on it, and here's the file.
You can also download it from Thingiverse.
And hey! If you do make one yourself and experiment with it, we'd love to see the results! Feel free to send us a mail at hotboy86@skrekkogle.com.

Portrait of your passed away loved ones printed with their ashes.

(project ended)


For a while we offered to print ash portraits with the cremated remains from your loved ones, allowing you to see their bodily remains still depicting how you remember them. Unfortunately, we don't any more.